Book reviews.

We do our best to stay in touch with the best thinkers we can find on a variety of topics.  We've come to believe that if we try, we can connect almost anything back to individual / organizational effectiveness.  As a result, some of the books we review may appear to lie outside the mainstream.  If you give them a chance, however, you can surely find your own schemes to connect dots which may lie outside the conventional box. 

We've arranged the reviews alphabetically by book title.  Some were written for publication is newsletters while others were just for distribution to our friends.

We know you're busy.  We've endeavored to keep the reviews short -- right at two pages.  If you like what you read in the review, buy the book! (If you're too busy even for book reviews, here's a list of our top favorites showing what we think is its One Big Idea. They are organized into about a dozen categories that make sense to us.)

  • The Art and Science of Competency Models by Anntoinette D. Lucia and Richard Lepsinger

Formats: .doc (30k), .pdf (10k).
Created: October 2001.

  • Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century by Neil Postman

Formats: .doc (25k), .pdf (10k).
Created: April 2001.

  • The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

Formats: .docx (25k), .pdf (17k).
Created: February 2012.

  • Clausewitz on Strategy by von Ghyczy, von Oetinger, and Bassford

Formats: .doc (27k), .pdf (9k).
Created: April 2003.

  • Common Knowledge by Nancy Dixon

Formats: .doc (29k), .pdf (9k).
Created: April 2001.

  • Corps Business by David H. Freedman

Formats: .doc (42k), .pdf (10k).
Created: February 2001.

  • Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte

Formats: .doc (29k), .pdf 80k).
Created: December 2002.

  • The Dignity of Difference by Jonathan Sacks

Formats: .doc (37k), .pdf 67k).
Created: March 2004.

  • Educating the Reflective Practitioner by Donald Schön

Formats: .doc (26k), .pdf (9k).
Created: March 2002.

  • Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, & Total Nonsense by Pfeffer and Sutton

Formats: .doc (39k), .pdf (21k).
Created: May 2006.

  • IdeaLinks by Jim Link

Formats: .docx (23k), .pdf (21k).
Created: June 2012.

  • IImmunity to Change by Kegan and Lahey

Formats: .docx (39k), .pdf (14k).
Created: June 2012.

  • In Good Company by Don Cohen and Laurence Prusak

Formats: .doc (77k), .pdf (33k).
Created: March 2003.

  • Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel

Formats: .doc (55k), .pdf (10k).
Created: February 2001.

  • The Moral Imperative of School Leadership and Leadership and Sustainability by Michael Fullan

Formats: .doc (37k), .pdf (13k).
Created: March 2005.

  • Motivating Humans by Martin E. Ford

Formats: .doc (27k), .pdf (10k).
Created: April 2002.

  • Political Savvy by Joel R. DeLuca

Formats: .doc (23k), .pdf (9k).
Created: December 2000.

  • Purpose by Nikos Mourkogiannis

Formats: .doc (39k), .pdf (14k).
Created: November 2006.

  • The ROI of Human Capital by Jac Fitz-Enz

Formats: .doc (24k), .pdf (9k).
Created: May 2001.

  • Solving Tough Problems by Adam Kahane

Formats: .doc (40k), .pdf (13k).
Created: August 2006.

  • Spirited Leading and Learning Peter B. Vaill

Formats: .doc (39k), .pdf (28k).
Created: January 2002.

  • The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Formats: .doc (24k), .pdf (8k).
Created: October 2001.

  • Who Really Matters by Art Kleiner

Formats: .doc (36k), .pdf (139k).
Created: August 2004.

  • The Working Life by Joanne B. Ciulla

Formats: .doc (31k), .pdf (10k).
Created: March 2002.


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