These documents explore, and offer suggestions related to, critical areas for large organizations.

We have written 'white papers' or provocations examining the state of the art in various areas.  These run the spectrum from quite practical to quite conceptual.

  • "The Discovery of the Organizational Effectiveness Model"  - A narrative version showing the development of our organizational effectiveness model.

            Format:.pdf, 230K
            Created:  August, 2004

  • "The Balanced Scorecard for Education" -- This paper looks at bringing the Balanced Scorecard, introduced by Kaplan and Norton in their book, The Strategy-Focused Organization, into the world of public education. 

            Format: pdf (187k).
            Created:  November 2006.

  • "Servant Leadership - Abridged" -- This is a 'script' used in our workshops when we introduce some of Robert Greenleaf's philosophy of leadership.  We portray him and attempt to take on his persona in dealing with subsequent Q&A interaction.

Formats: .doc (47k), .pdf (96k).
Created:  December 2004.

  • "An Imaginary Conversation" -- This paper is in the spirit of Steve Allen's TV series, Meeting of Minds.  It features a moderated 'conversation' between David Bohm, Jerome Bruner, Viktor Frankl, and Robert Terry on the meaning of 'meaning'.

Formats: .doc (43k), .pdf (85k).
Created:  February 1999.

  • "Thinking About Organizations"

Formats: .doc (77k), .pdf (67k).
Created: April 2001.

  • "Change and Resistance and Leadership" 

Formats:  .pdf (181k).
Created: April 2003.
(The item just above is an excerpt from Michael Ayers's Master's Thesis.  For access to the full Thesis, please contact Michael Ayers directly.)

  • "Essay on the Evaluation of School Principals"

Formats:  .pdf (416k).
Created: July 2012.

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