Working Ourselves Out of a Job.

Primarily, we offer consulting services and workshops. We intend, through our work, to better enable organzations to take care of themselves. That is, as consultants we want to work ourselves out of a job. We use the workshops to enable willing organizations to develop internal expertise to render the consulting unnecessary. At least, that's the goal.

Our offerings run the gamut from 60 minute presentations for scores of people to two-and-a-half day workshops involving 12-18 staff members from the client organization. And we have done everything in between. For instance, at one large local health services company, we do a series of one-day Systems Thinking workshops throughout the year. The staff members attending the workshop have been selected by their management as members of a leadership development cohort. This involves a year-long series of perhaps a half-dozen one-day workshops. We've done Scenario Planning workshops for organizations ranging from a small exurban Montessori School to an internal division of a Fortune 100 Company.

In other cases, the workshop are built into larger development efforts. For example, at a local Fortune 100 manufacturing company, we have developed and deliver a leadership initiative directed at rank-and-file scientists and engineers. That consists of 12 half-day sessions, one per week. In 2013, we delivered the 19th iteration of that offering.

That offering roughly parallels a graduate course offered at a local university. The university course has its target teachers making the transition into administration, typically as a school principal. We've been doing that course for over a decade to excellent reviews.

Our Results?

We offer two reports on our results. The first contains a brief list of organizations we've worked with and comments from various individuals in those workshops. The second is a longer case history focused on just organization.


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